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Yeah… we got that #attitude. #badbrains #PMA

Yeah… we got that #attitude. #badbrains #PMA

Your ideas must expand. #DIY

What you learn can be your gift to your followers.

Easy to make your learning social when you tape your take on the core ideas. Synthesizing ideas you learn into your own words lets you own them.

When you articulate an idea it becomes yours. Assert your leadership powerfully with tinyvox.

Set your mind free.


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The fiesta continues

some festive music

I’m your conscience now listen to me @kendricklamar

You rule bro. Uh I think this is your new app yo. Excellent song!!
Hollywood cA

Are there any other ways for you to put audio on tumblr from your iPhone? cc @joshconstine

You can’t do it from the official tumblr app, so I wonder aloud whether we have a monopoly on this.

Type up notes as you talk, now or later.

Upgrade to Pro!
* Use iMessage as a vehicle for voicemail!
* Use the emotional value of voice to get rewards from your precious communication efforts!
* the energy of your subconscious to flow ideas to assist you can appreciate later with his friend desire whether a call.

strange attractor! jeff goldblum in jurassic park

1983 to infinity

When you are grateful for your voice, you use it more.

Confident people communicate. when you communicate, you create new connections. could I be the only person you are hearing on the system? that would map onto my expectations of this shallow era in which pseudo celebrities bark at the movie constantly. you’re talking to your friends with your thumbs. Now that’s what I call ill communication. If you don’t harness the power of your voice, you don’t have one. What else can I say?

How to plan out a trilogy like Asimov.

You could say that Tinyvox is hoping to unleash a “Beat” movement like Kerouac once did, so lay it down people.